Monday, February 2, 2015

Texas is such a strange place

Steve and I rode the motorbike out to the farm on Friday because the home inspector was there. And it's good news- the house is pretty dang solid, the issues it has we know about and were already planning to change. So now we just need the bank to do their appraisal, and be happy with it, and we are rolling into the good life!

It was a weird drive to the property, though, and I'm not sure that Texas will ever cease to be slightly weird, in the best possible way. For starters, as you drive along the 29, passing cattle and horses, that's all to be expected. Even the occasional llama or alpaca farm is not out of the norm. But a herd of zebra chilling at a ranch is quite odd. Awesome, but odd.

Yee haw!

Then we went a bit further and both Steve and I did a double take. When we stopped for gas, Steve asked, "Was that a bald eagle?" No, it couldn't be. There are no bald eagles in Texas. I googled it later, apparently yes there are bald eagles in Texas! And their numbers are increasing! In 1967 they were endangered, in 1995 it was reduced to threatened. And actually, I'm pretty sure we saw two, but the second one was flying away so we didn't get a great look at it.
America as fuck, y'all.

Then, just down the road from the farm, there was a herd of impala.
Nothing to see here.
Now, it looks like the impala and zebra are raised so people can hunt them. Sort of like a seriously budget safari. And that's sad to me because I really don't like hunting, and there's something about hunting animals that are fenced in and used to people taking care of them that seems somewhat less than sports like, but what do I know?

P.S. No, I did not take the photos. They're from a google search. I'm going for the world title of Google Queen. Eventually we'll pull over and I'll take photos. Not sure how the zebra ranchers will feel about putting a cowboy hat on one of them.

P.P.S. You can buy a zebra! They're over $15,000, but how cool is that? Now I'm thinking we probably should have held out for one of those 30 acre properties instead of just the five. Dang.

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