Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tired of the shit storm

I'm feeling really old and tired today. It's been a bad few weeks, and today has finally pushed me past my limits.

It's incredibly stressful buying a house- I know, thanks Captain Obvious- but it doesn't have to be this hard. If people would be honest and upfront, the process could be much smoother. Most of the stress is trying to guess what everyone wants. The bank sent me a whole stack of forms, and I still don't know if they're just for my records or if I'm supposed to sign them and send them back, or where to send them to if I do send them back.

Then, this weekend we did our taxes. I remember when taxes were fairly simple. Put in the Turbo Tax cd, answer the straight forward questions, get the numbers from the forms that all came in the mail, you're done. This time it was 4 hours that devolved into anger and tears, and the fucking return was still rejected!

All that I could deal with, though. All that I can work on and push through.

It's the medical industry that has finally broken me. They've been trying since we came back to the States in 2012, and this morning they finally succeeded.

In January, I got a letter from the insurance company stating that my son's doctor, Dr. B, was no longer a participating doctor in our plan. They randomly assigned him to Dr. M. I thought it was weird because we all had Dr. B as our PCP, but only my son was reassigned. Then, a month after getting our new cards, the rest of us were assigned to Dr. N. Whatever. This morning Steve realized that our son only had 4 pills of his medication left and no refills. With a new doctor, I had to call and get him an appointment. Except when I called, the office informed me that Dr. M only works with geriatric patients. His wife, Dr. B, took over the office about a year ago so I need to call the insurance and get them to assign my son to Dr. B. I told her he was assigned to Dr. B and the insurance company is the one who changed him to Dr. M since they believe Dr. B is no longer participating. She apparently forgot how to speak because that just didn't make any since whatsoever to her, but regardless, it's my problem not her's.

What happened to the medical industry? Why is so broken, and why do doctors and insurance companies feel it's within their rights to kill off their patients?

I really didn't need this.

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