Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One of those days

So, I'm officially a stay-at-home mum in that I don't have a job that someone pays me to do. And it's frustrating. I keep trying to define myself as "self employed" but nobody buys it. It's horribly annoying when I just want to put in an hour or two of good solid work time, but "you don't have a job, do this for me" is my constant companion. Even if it's not said out loud, it's still hanging there as I run all over the city doing all those little errands that nobody wants to do, but somebody has to do. I'm the one who always does them!

For instance, I have a sculpture that I really want to work on because it's giving me a lot of problems and making me question my ability to sculpt. Which is equivalent to cutting off my arms, the apocalypse is upon us, everybody run the zombies are actively eating brains now! Instead, today was about getting the oil changed in the car (still not sure why that takes over an hour, but whatever), checking and responding to email, chasing up companies that seem incapable of doing a fairly simple thing (send a check to the correct address), and of course delivering the spawn to and picking up from school (again, why does picking one child up from school take an hour!). It was also about waiting for Steve to come to the store with me since someone stole my debit card number and now I'm waiting for the replacement and I refuse to pay the higher price at the booze shop to use my credit card which is getting a horrible hammering due to the asshole who tried to put close to $300 at a Safeway on my debit card in California!

Anyway, it's now close to 5pm, and I could probably get a little work in, except I've got to make dinner. A dinner I really don't feel like cooking or eating. Hell, I'd be happy with having a scotch, a bit of cheese, and going to bed. And I know that the spawn will complain about the dinner because he doesn't like it either.

Sigh, the point is, if you know someone who has their own business, even though their time may seem open and fluid, please keep in mind that they have their own shit to get done before you start asking them to run errands for you.

Ugh. And I just remembered tomorrow is my Costco shopping day. I'm already tired.

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