Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weird Texas

Furthering our adventures in Texas, and discovering the things that just strike me as being weird- though not always in a bad way.

So, it's the end of Winter- can't you tell with all the cold and ice and snow and screams of "ACK! Someone turn the heat up!"- yeah, me neither, but the calendar says Winter is coming to a close. Also, Wal-Mart agrees that it's time for warmer weather. For weeks now, they've had all the shorts, tanks, and togs (swimwear to Americans who don't currently speak Kiwi). Every time I walk in there I feel like Summer really is upon us!

So where are the jandals? (That would be flip flops in Kiwi speak.) I think I was still in high school when I got mine, and they are now officially worn through. As in I'm pretty sure it's now the skin of my feet touching the ground, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing shoes in the first place. I need new ones, and yes, I'm crazy enough that even with the icicles hanging off my bird feeder outside, I need my jandals!

My point is, how can you be stocking bikinis and shorts while still only selling boots! I don't think I've ever lived in a place that hasn't sold jandals year round. They're an institution!

What's worse is that with this recent cold snap, I couldn't be staunch any more. I needed a few things to stay warm- a fluffy headband for walks and gloves. The stores no longer have those things in stock! Of course, I made myself a headband, which I'm in love with, and it got even colder so a pair of Steve's extra over the top warm gloves felt really nice instead of oppressive. I suppose I could use a beach cover up as a scarf, but I actually have plenty of scarves.

There was an ad in the paper this morning showing that the sports equipment store has them in stock, so maybe that's a good sign. Maybe Texans' feet feel the chill easily? Maybe most of the summer gear is stocked early, but they only get the jandals in stock when they're really serious about warm weather. Sitting here bundled up, I can only hope!

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