Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stress monkey attack!

Why does everything turn to shit all at once? Have you ever noticed that? It's like some cosmic law that if something really big is about to happen, every possible thing must go wrong just before the big event.

For instance: A few weeks ago, Steve mowed the lawn. The iron cover on one of the plastic pipes sticking out of the ground in the front lawn was askew, and he accidentally hit it with the mower. The mower is supposed to have a special do-dad that means that sort of thing can occur without much damage, except our's was missing the do-dad and the drive shaft bent making the mower unusable. Literally, it wouldn't start. So, we tried to find out about getting it fixed. We called Lowe's, because that's where we bought it from, and they were suppose to get back to us within a week with information, which of course they never did. So we went in to Lowe's, and the lady at the counter said she couldn't tell us how much it would cost to repair, but we'd probably "get it back in a year" because they were so backed up. Steve called a mower repair company and it turned out it would cost as much as a new mower to fix it! Steve then decided that since it's a lost cause, he'd try to fix it himself. It's only $80 for the parts he needs, much better than the $250 to take it in to the shop. It's still in pieces, but the parts arrived yesterday afternoon. We'll probably have a mower this weekend.

I rented a mower at Home Depot for a few hours so at least the jungle of grass is manageable. The $25 rental was more reasonable than the $50-$60 to have someone come out and do it! The only problem is that while Steve mowed, I raked leaves and now have the most intensely painful blister on my thumb. It sucks.

Next, our car decided to go for a joy ride by itself! It rolled out of the garage- triggering the door to open, down our drive, across the street, made a slight turn, up the neighbor's drive, plowed into their garage, back forward slightly, and stopped. Looking at the logistics of this whole thing, it doesn't make much sense. At least it's covered by insurance, though.

There's been a load of other small incidental things going on, too. Stupid irritating things that just really don't need to happen, but they do. My son's school, for instance, sent yet another letter that due to his many absences, we need to have a conference so that they don't prosecute us. Thing is, he's missed one day of school this year when he was legitimately sick. The other absences he was at school but in counselling or his other class that he is expected to go to whenever he feels he needs the support. In fact, quite often he gets a note from the teacher that then marks him as absent. And they never fix their system! I can't provide an excuse for him being absent from school when he's at school! And last time they sent us one of these threatening letters, we called and they said to ignore it. I really can't ignore the threat of prosecution! Fix your bloody system!

There's also been stolen debit cards that had to be replaced making all the autopayments decline, messed up math making my prices on things incorrect, the cat disappeared for a few hours, blah blah blah. The list goes on.

You may be wondering what the big event is that has kick started this avalanche of crap. Well, we close on the house on Thursday. Of course, that's assuming the bank can sort out the mortgage stuff, we've had a few issues with social security numbers because the the Social Security Administration is a bunch of flaming assholes. Honestly, I just don't have good luck when it comes to bureaucracy! So fingers crossed for us that the shit storm calms and we survive the next few days, and then the next few months. I may actually be certifiable by the time we move!

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