Monday, February 23, 2015

TMI, but today sucks so I don't care

It's freezing today. Literally. We're on a snow watch in central Texas. I moved here so I didn't have to deal with snow. And the trees have spring growth and a few have even erupted with pretty little pink and white flowers. It's spring! This is not the time for freezing temperatures and possible snow!

The heating in this house sucks. The living room has a high ceiling, and the heat doesn't like to come down into the living room. So no matter what we do, it remains cold where I sit.

It's Monday. That means it's grocery shopping day. I HATE grocery shopping. It's my least favorite thing to do. Honestly, I can think of nothing I like worse. Getting a shot at the doctor? Bring it. Cleaning out the hair from the shower drain? Sure. I will even rub your feet if you go shopping for me. Ok, maybe not. Feet seriously freak me out. But still.

And it's the first day of my period and I'm moody and in pain.

Today sucks.

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