Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's starting to feel like a real farm house now!

Boom! Tiny chickies!

So our bathroom right now is... ummm... unconventional. The tub is basically unusable anyway, and it's super frosty outside, so it really only made sense to turn the tub into a brood box.

They're so adorable!
We ordered 12 Australorp chicks. Basically, we're aiming for 8 chickens. It's sort of expected that not all 12 are going to make it. We also ordered all female because we're not sure we want to deal with a rooster just yet. When we picked them up, the guy said they added some males just for extra warmth, no extra charge. As I pulled them out of the box, I counted.

Oh, my. 

We have 21 peeping chickies. That was a bit more than we had planned.

I think we're going to need a bigger coop.

Not sure if he wants to protect them, or eat them. 
We also have the world's hairiest nanny. Toby is fascinated by the new additions.

Although they are protected by the top of the "brood box," we'll be keeping the bathroom door closed when we're not in there.


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