Monday, December 7, 2015

First big job- CHECK!

We've finished the front porch rebuild! (Almost.) Yes, there's a tiny bit left to do, well, quite a bit actually, but the worst of it is done and the house looks radically different!

Realtor photo, I can't find the ones I took. 
A little bit of a face lift! 
The living room window. Is there an outside world? I don't know. 
Living room window. There is a beautiful outside world! (Forgive the mobiles. Work in progress.)
Son's room. Dark and dreary. 
Son's room now- it's actually a lot brighter. It's just really hard to get a photo of it. 
Work room, eventual guest room. No view. 

Work room/guest room- check out the pecan tree! Birds love it!
Our room. I couldn't find the before photo, but trust me, it's much better now. 
So open! Again, I can't find the "before" photos that I took. 
What will we do with so much usable space?
Where we've been having morning coffee. 
Yeah, we have a lovely sitting area out the back, but with the nightly frosts, it rains on us as soon as the sun comes out (bare iron roofing over the back porch). The sun shines on this particular spot in the mornings, though, and it's wonderful. So nice to have a choice of where to sit.

Looks much more like a ranch house now. 
There's still plenty of work to do, but it's a relief to have this job finished.

Even Zack is happy. Actually, he's just happy that the lawn prickles are gone so he can run around like a maniac and chase the ball. And the rabbits. And the deer. And anything else that moves. 
Toby's happy just to sit. Although, he's declared war on the gopher. 
Daddy leg spider. Did I mention everything's bigger in Texas?
Next job? The chicken coop! Those chicks are quickly outgrowing the bathtub!

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