Monday, November 9, 2015

Musings of an (ex) dancer

I hate saying I used to dance. I still dance all the freakin’ time, it’s just the only ones who see it are the dogs. Occasionally the cat, but she usually sleeps through my impromptu performances.

And occasionally Steve when he sneaks up on me.

Anyway, back when I was performing, my stage name was Amaya (ah-MY-uh). Not that it got used very often because the only places I ever seemed to get a gig at always seemed confused when I submitted my stage name. Heck, half the time they’d forget and just introduce me as Jade. 

I read somewhere years and years ago that the meaning behind Amaya was "Night Rain." I love the sound of rain at night. Even here in Texas where it is usually accompanied by thunder and lightning, branches, parts of the roof lifting up... For a while I thought Nyte Reign could be a cool stage name, but I like Amaya. It's simple. And besides, I practiced the autograph so that the "A" kind of looks like a star! 

I haven’t performed in over 3 years. So, it’s possibly a bit weird that yesterday, relaxing in the spa, I finished my stage name.

Introducing Amaya Lone!

This is what happens when Steve’s out of town. I have way too much flitting around in my head. 

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