Monday, February 22, 2016

Take your capitalism and shove it


So, first there was water spitting out under the house. We had to get the plumbers in to patch the pipes, dig up the yard to find and remove the blockage, and clear out the grey water outlet pipe.

Then the electricity started playing up, so we had to get the electrician out here to fix it. There's still a plastic bucket in the yard that is serving as a temporary fix because three thousand dollars is a LOT of money right now. Turns out whoever wired this place had no idea what they were doing and what they did was illegal. I'd still like to find the inspector we hired before we bought this place and deafen him with my outrage.

Then, the toilets stopped working and we had to call the plumbers again. Who, again, had to dig up the yard trying to find the septic tank. Turned out the septic tank probably hadn't been emptied for 20+ years and was full to the top. Had to have it pumped out. Was not expecting the pumping to cost $350 and was further shocked when we received the $500 bill from the plumber!

This weekend, the water tank stopped filling up. The controller has been flaky since we moved in, and we suspect it was the original installed when the pump was drilled in 1986. Usually, we could leave it and it would suddenly realize there was something it was supposed to be doing, and would pump away for a while until the tank was full. We knew we'd have to replace it one day, but did it really have to be now? Looked online, controllers aren't expensive. Looking at maybe $100 or so, which normally would be ok, except with all the other emergency bills lately it's going to take some magic to arrange things so that we don't have a big problem. Of course, the water tank is now empty, we can't wait for one to come in the mail, but luckily they carry them at the hardware store, too. Yay!

For $250.

To my credit I didn't say anything in the store. I did let Steve pay, though, because I couldn't. I was barely controlling the hysterical scream that wanted to burst out of my chest like that alien in that movie... you know, Alien.

So what's next? What's going to finally send me over the edge? I know there's more, there's always more, and none of it is good.

Last month I thought we might actually be able to make it. We were finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I was starting to feel like we were making head way. I had such good hopes for 2016, and February has murdered each and every one. It's the second month of the year, and I think I'll just sleep for the rest of it. I didn't realize that light at the end of the tunnel was a dollar sign.

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