Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking cats by the horns

Ok, this has just gotten silly. Orange cats are a menace! Apparently, the little cat that adopted us and we named Lucy is actually named Frank- we should have had a closer look! Our neighbors were out of town and something ate all the cat's food, so he came over here for a full belly and a warm bed until they got home. As soon as he saw their truck pull in, his whole demeanor changed and he went home.

It was kind of weird.

Even stranger is that our neighbor living across the street in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Texas grew up in El Cajon- I grew up in neighboring city Santee! Small world.

So, once again we found ourselves down an animal.

It didn't last long!

Introducing Jynx, our actual new family member. We went to the shelter on Monday, and she came home on Tuesday. She was found mid-January under an RV with 4 other kittens. She's only 11 weeks old. Our crazy chaotic house is a little much for her, but I'm sure it won't take her long to fit in. She was the most outgoing kitten in the room at the shelter.

Toby's already decided she's his new best friend (they won't have actual contact for a while yet, but he spends a lot of time hanging out by the play pen where she's getting used to everyone). She's not entirely sure he's to be trusted, but she's curious about him.

And poor Asha, our older cat. When Steve had her fixed as a kitten, they found she'd already gotten pregnant. It's made her extremely maternal. So even though she's not sure she likes having another animal in the house, she's very interested in the new baby.

I think everyone will be just fine.

PS Anytime Frank wants to come over, he's still welcome. We've all agreed, though, that from now on anytime an orange cat shows up, we'll assume it's temporary!

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