Friday, June 12, 2015

Struggling Out of the Darkness

We are officially living at the farm! We're surrounded by boxes, bags, and chaos, still need to clean the rental, but we're here. And I'm fighting a wave of depression and hopelessness.

I know most of it is brought on from the sheer physical exhaustion of moving, as well as the mental exhaustion of not knowing where anything is. Part of it is looking around the house and realizing how much work needs to be done on this place. And another part of it is the huge life style change, that although I was expecting, I don't think I fully understood.

We've killed 3 scorpions in the house this week. No snakes, yet, but I really don't like the scorpions either. At least we found some window screens for the front windows so we were finally able to open a few extra windows and get some air flow! Summer is definitely upon us, and it is getting HOT!

Anyway, hopefully as we get some of the boxes cleared away and start getting organized I'll start to feel a little better. It would be great for the scorpions to stay outside, too!

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